Please close the door when you leave.

I can understand your anger.

Suu has a good reputation.

We tried to figure out the problem our professor had given us, but it seemed confusing.


I calculated that it would cost 300 dollars.

The world economy will not recover anytime soon.

"Why aren't you going?" "Because I don't want to."

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Computers have made rapid progress.

Why not try listening for a change?

I know you'll find happiness eventually.

Do you want your children to learn your language at school?

At first, they were all convinced he was innocent.

Hunting is prohibited in national parks.

My wife is ignorant of the world.

You made up your mind to go to law school, didn't you?

Seymour has to be careful about what he eats at restaurants because he's allergic to many foods.

You are my prisoner.

Jarl is connecting his phone to the Internet.


The United States annexed Texas in 1845.

Is it cancer?

What were their names? Why do you care?

When I last saw him, he was wearing a blue shirt and white slacks.

Galaxies come in all sorts of delicious flavours.


Kanthan is clearly out of his mind.


I had to let him win.

I love you and I want to marry you.

How do you know what I had?


He sensed that threat early in his career.


I meditate and do yoga.

Wilmer asked me if I knew where Herman lived.

They say it's on the wane, but it's still got something hasn't it?

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I'm concerned about her.

Is this data accurate?

I wasn't ignoring you.

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The man was given a life sentence.

Bobbie seemed lost.

Jane looks happy.

You're under arrest for trespassing.

She was out shopping.

Sjaak looked very tired.

Detours expand your knowledge of the surroundings.

I'm sick.

When the excitement died down, the discussion resumed.

"Thank you for everything." "You're welcome."

Please send my regards to your wife.

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Remember well what you learn at school.


I wish you could go with us.

We must get together for a drink some time.

He is concerned about his parent's health.


I can write my name in Chinese.

I haven't said anything yet.

Sanford decided to call for help.


We'll have to tell Hugh eventually.

I should tell Darren to try it.

I can't let you use that.


A splitter is used for thick wood; a pin chisel is used for concrete.

Where are the guns?

She is an ill-mannered individual.


What were the symptoms?

They drew their boat on the beach.

I asked him to lend me some money.

I was caught in a shower on my way home from school.

My family will be away for a week.


Who is the woman in the brown coat?

Vishal doesn't drive.

It couldn't be them.


Could you help me for ten minutes?

We are all out of cigarettes.

Could you please clear the table?

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He was filled with anxiety about his wife's return.

Jim's angry because his date for the movie stood him up and he wasted an hour waiting for her in the rain.

Can I call you?

You're probably wrong.

Do you know anything about it?

Pierre is still shaking.

When will I see you again?

Soon, in the great theatre, the lights will be put out, and the empty stage will be left to ghosts.

Let's break off for half an hour and have some coffee.

I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.

There's the perk of letting you join communities for paying members.

He is an army officer.

When you leave, I'll miss you.


She's lost the plot.

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I thought you cared about them.

It looks like a wig.

He ripped the envelope open.

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Lori gave a five-minute presentation about the influence of the Vikings on world history.

She got her feet wet teaching while she was in the Peace Corps.

Rudy had the skill set required to successfully do the job.

When you criticize his work, you should take into account his lack of experience.

I suggest you send someone outside to see what's going on.

Visit the Luxembourg Gardens!

He said to me, 'I read this book yesterday'.

I was able to swim well when I was a child.

You hit me, which results in my pain.

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They elected her to be the mayor.

I am trying to live.

He fleeced three old ladies of their meager pensions.

Earl married Gunnar last year.

I've always wanted to meet them.

The nobles of the court asked her where were the children of Lir.

I'm not going to wait for Myrick any longer.


Is this new model available on the market?

I love that chair.

They didn't have vertigo.


Do you think we were wrong?


I know that Belinda is more handsome than I.

It was not long before we knew the truth.

It must have cost a fortune.

I hope to graduate from university next spring.

The blue whale is the largest marine mammal, and the largest mammal on earth.


There's one thing I didn't mention.

How does this thing work?

This room is twelve feet by twenty-four feet.

Freedom is what we're fighting for.

She shut the book and closed her eyes.

"Look at how big it is!" "Oh my God!"

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter.

He was drunk and forgot to shut the back door.

He's not afraid of political correctness.


Did you get another cat?

If you like Dan, translate his sentences.

Is Aun still in love with his wife?

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You have allowed me to be here.

The world is a small village.

Ramanan decided to sell his car.

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Where did the other one go?

The grandparents are sitting in the room and they are watching their favourite TV series.

How many times a day do you feed your dog?


Ravi never seems to have any free time.

She is economically independent of her parents.

My baby kicks very hard.

A new moon was coming up.

I like apples.

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Keep the door locked.


I appreciate you calling me.

That's what we want, isn't it?

I'm sure Betty will do the same.

Can you tell me more about your family?

I lost my way and, what was worse, it began to rain.

There are always tortilla chips left over when we finish the salsa.

The worse the baddie, the better the film.

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You can't yell at me like that.

How many offers did you get?

Let the game begin!

There was a voice crying in the field.

American movies are popular around the world.

This is the house that Jack built.

Is there another word for synonym?


They didn't speak English very well.

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The teacher wrote English sentences on the blackboard.

We have a decision to make.

I would just like to thank you for translating my sentences.

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Mikey heard this from Randal.


He agreed with those unhappy people.

That's against the law.

You're so shallow.


Condemned to death.


Sabrina has been pretending to be me.


So what can I do for you?